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OH MY GOLLY! I had the best weekend ever. Purpose Driven Weekend was actually my first youth camp. Even though I’m already been in the community for 2 years now, when I joined, we didn’t have camp. I learned many things about God and how much he has given me. I also learned how to appreciate brothers for being so loving, supportive and protective. They’re a shoulder to cry on <3 I was surprised when all the brothers walked in with flowers and gave to sisters; I wanted to cry. I also learned how unique and special I am. God took the time to make me, well me. Usually, I’m never outgoing in YFL events; I’m usually hanging out with the people I know. But this time, I felt like God wanted me to finally open up. For the very first time, I met every single person in that camp. I never thought it would happen, but God made it happen. I was super crazy during worships; like I was jumping, dancing and showing God how much I love him by going all out during worship. PRAISE GOD FOR AN EXPERIENCE I WILL NEVER FORGET.

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    AMAZING! best weekend :] Praise God to the MAX!!! so blessed!
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    I love you all. I love God. I loved purpose driven!
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    BEST CAMP EVER. Trisha’s cute
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    Aww Trishy you’re so cute!! Haha But PRAISE GOD for that weekend. Driven by purpose, driven by God yoooooooooooo
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    I never usually keep what others say when I reblog, but this one was priceless
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    Ohhh Trisha, I miss you so much. I’d cry.
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